Wednesday, August 31, 2011

why cant we just start old and get younger?

The Jeffrey Campbell Groovy's! They're quite hard to walk in and with another shoe I'd most definitely return them and order a different shoe, but these are just too beautiful so I put up with it.. Which is saying a lot because I rarely put up with uncomfortable heels.

Anyways I do believe this particular Jeffrey design is a very obvious rip off of another designer, whose name I dont even know. Which makes everything worse... It makes me so angry that the designer who came up with these has to put up with their design being sold for much less elsewhere. I dont even know the name of this person, and fuck, I'm definitely a fan. It can be argued that paying for the real shoe (I think theyre around $5,000) will give you a considerably better quality product and that the Campbells dont compare, but the average person doesn't have that lying around and would buy the Jeffreys... Had the design never been stolen at least some of these people might obsess, save up, and finally buy the shoes. Or, at the very least, know their name. Sorry!

Anyone care to inform?

As for JC- love the shoes, disapprove of the sources, but as original or unoriginal the designs are, they have size 5's so I'll probably keep buying them. 


P.s. My computer is broken (like always, taking it to the store tomorrow, I've got no idea how long it'll take to be fixed! Sorry for the scarce posting!


  1. your hair is amazing <3

  2. Wicked fucking blog.

  3. Hi , j'ai adoré lire ton blog ton style est tellement siiii original, il est parfait . Bonne continuation à toi et surtout à ta marque . Tu es dans mes favoris à présent alors à bientôt . Mouak mouak

  4. @loretta thanks :)
    @austin thanks a lot, im glad you enjoy it!
    @jessica merci merci!! <3

  5. your hair .... YUMM!!!!