Monday, September 12, 2011

oh wow a lot to post

So my computer is back and semi happy! At least WAY happier! So expect to hear more from lil ol me...

Recently I met one of my mom's friends and he has an at home studio, so with baylee as my model we quickly came up with a concept, and ran to the store to grab rope. we decided to buy some net too, and this is what happened.

to me, this represents mental constraints and the confines of mental illness. this is my first ever studio shoot!
There are more of these on my flickr : and I'll be adding more as I go through more of whats on which computer.

Lately I've been noticing the sky a lot. Its been being absolutely unbelievable. If currently you dont notice the sky frequently, I strongly advise you reconsider your focus whilst outside. These are all straight off of my camera, un-edited.

Nine West and lookbook were nice enough to send me a pair of the new Nine West loafers, and I posted a look with em, theyre suuper cute and comfy! I cant wait to wear them with something all business-y one day and do something important hahaha.
With them I'm wearing my machine jeans, brian lichtenberg tank, and a lunchbox me and alexa got at a thrift store for a buck with a chain I attached to it!

heres some more photos, from when me and jason visited the snake store. they were crawling all over us! I really want one.

and with it being 2:32 AM, I should now go. I plan on getting up at the crack of dawn and sorting out some money issues because i got
THESE (j.camb "warning")

and I'm broke as hell. Night!


  1. Hi I like your blog! I read it, and a have my own blog too, you can see if you want! :) but anyway good luck and greetings from Poland! :)

  2. @hanka - thanks and hello to you in poland! i like your blog!