Sunday, September 25, 2011

9 GIRLS?!!

Aaaaaahhh!! It's finally all coming together. I've been working on the website non stop- last night I was up till 5, got up at 10, and worked on it straight until 12, when Devon came over. Then I continued to work on it, with her, until we were satisfied and left to go meet up with our girls at 6 for girls night.

Now, can you believe it- its 4 AM and here I am, working on it all again!! Can you say fucking dedication?! Anyways I love it all, and we're so excited about the 9 blog. It's called NIN3 girls, and it's going to be full of our inspirations, photos of our adventures documented through my camera and disposable films, information about our progress, new designs, and more!! We can't wait and are already overloaded with things we want to put on it!

Check it out, follow us :
and don't worry, just because it says "girls" doesn't mean you have to be a girl. we love everyone!

Which - of course - I'll also be updating on here. So you'll all know what me and Dev are working on and get whatever perspective you want on it. I can't wait till we can make the clothes available, we're just working on details like packaging, conversion of currencies, paperwork, and other little but very vital details.

I thought  I could handle it being 4 (now 4:47) in the morning, but I think i may die. more tomorrrjowjwkljfaldjfk


Okay, five hours later and I'm still going strong hahaha. 

We're wearing all NIN3 :) 

Anywho, I'm so excited because Devon's had this massive burst of determinedness and I feel like we're flying on the same level right now. She wants us to be together way more (is that possible? hehe), and we're going to try to document everything we do daily for the NIN3 girls blog. And on here I can post those photos & give the D.L. 4-1-1 sc00p de doop. 

I hope you all check out the nin3girls.blogspot, we're going to work really hard on it, and now that my computer's back, I'm sure I will be posting way more frequently than I have been for the last months. My computer has been broken for over a year, so now that it's finally fixed, I plan on utilizing it. That means more posts, more photos, more videos, more fun. Yay!


  1. aww, your website is going to be amazing! xx

  2. This is so of luck to you guys! Hope everything comes together!!!

  3. @d. + loretta - thanks guys so much. i hope so too, i think it will!