Monday, October 17, 2011

took a bite from the apple

Wandering around with my dad was fun, as we both took snapshots around the city. I visited Pratt & Parsons and I love both, so I'm glad I wont have to decide until after I apply for both. I have a lot of work to do so expect a lottt of photos in the next coming weeks.. Photos and working on getting up the NIN3 store will keep me busy, and in a few weeks I'm going to be visiting Lee in Israel!! I'm so excited because I miss her so, so, so much. 
 While I was there I met up with Walker, my acting coach/good friend. He influences a lot of what I do and gives me so much motivation, hes an amazing person and super talented. We hung out for a while then he took me to Trash And Vaudeville knowing I would like it. And he was right, fuck
I saved these all as jpgs to save space so the color got kind of exaggerated
Haha you have no idea how much I want that fucking pink leather jacket. It was $270 though so in my dreams... One day me and this baby girl will be reunited.

I did get these sickk pants though and another pair that I'm sure you'll see soon!

After that, I hopped on the subway to meet up with my friends George and Madison

shirt design by George Mott

 Of course my dad and i went to check out the protests, unfortunately i was unaware that my camera battery was on low and it died after a few shots. Here they are unedited (its 4 am haha)

well i hope you enjoyed my NY photos :) now im in for some much needed sleep... busy day tomorrow, and im planning on a busy week




  1. yes new york is amazing! the leather jacket is one of the coolest items ever & i wish we had a shop like "trash" there where i live ;)
    and its another pefect and great post from you sideara! keep on doing your thing!

    huge fan ;)