Monday, October 10, 2011

NY bound

Next week I'm off to New York!! I'll be visiting schools but I'm excited to meet up with my acting crew up there and I'm gonna video the shit out of everything for Devon. I hope I fall in love with Parsons and the atmosphere and that I get a lot out of the portfolio review session. I have a lot to work on still. A LOOOT! I knew I should've been working more over the summer but I was foolish! Remember, sometimes getting shit done - actually most of the time - is more important then being entertained and hanging out with friends!! Focus is always something I've struggled with, though. 

If you've been keeping up with NIN3 girls, you'll know these photos are from Allie's birthday tea party. Anyways if you like my blog you really should check out NIN3 girls because a lot of what's on there is what I'm posting on here, sometimes with more photos and sometimes with less, but in this case more (so click it) . But that's where all the info with our lives and the progress of our line is going to go. 

(P.p.s. if blogs are getting hard for you to keep track of, check out 

Anyways Allie's party was themed the death of childhood, gothic, so it was fun dressing up (ish, this was really recently after the accident so I was still recovering ). I was planning on bringing Klorox (my snake) but Devon's a weirdo and really didnt want me to bring him. Not even that she's afraid of snakes, just that she's a weirdo. Klorox loves to go places! Hes cute. Anyways after we had our little tea party we went to the Haunted hotel, which is like one of those scare places that arranges yearly for Halloween.  That was fun but we waited in line for a while and it's pretty short. I wish I could just borrow one of those places for a day, there are cool sets and it'd be fun to take photos there haha. 

Speaking of photos, I've been very disappointed in myself and my work as of late, not that it's all bad just that there's not a lot of good and nothing really impresses me. I'm working on it though and the fact that I think I need to do better gives me hope that I'll improve. Because I felt that way at the beginning and I've  been improving. 

In New York I'll be taking photos & posting on here, I'm going with my dad and I think I'll be able to find time because I plan on bringing my computer. I actually need to keep packing, I leave Tuesday!!



  1. Yo Girl!! loved your look and Palladiums on Lookbook! and I like your blog as well! following you NOW! ;) xx

    it is like passion for peanut butter!!

  2. Hi sideara! i saw your blog and i was totally flashed!! your photos, posts and outfits are amazing! YOU are just amazing!!! your blog is really one of those blogs i love & you are really an inspiration for me!! i also love "NIN3" and "deadmau3" !! i'm also a singer & a fashion lover like you and i wished i could dress like you but if i would do it everybody would be laughing about me.. hopefully i can dress like you when I live in NY... ;) ok I just wanted to tell you that you're absolutely great and I'm a huge fan of you, NIN3 and your blog! it's ART! it would mean the world to me if you could visit my blog because your opinion is important for me! you would make my day!! (:

    xxx nini

  3. @valerie thanks !
    @nini neon- it shouldnt matter what people think, you should dress how you want. people will respect you if you respect yourself and if they dont fuck em anyways haha! well thank you so much, and i visited your blog, youre off to a really nice and id like to eventually hear your music :) thanks for everything