Saturday, December 24, 2011


So it seems the universe is working in full force to cheer me up. Crash & Burn Apparel was nice enough to ask me if I'd like a gift of some of their clothes, and the pieces came in the mail. It was all wrapped so cutely I knew I should've unwrapped and photographed it on wood or something prettier than carpet, but I honestly couldn't wait. This gift makes me feel extra-super-special that they would want to see how I'd wear them,and besides that, now I'm aware of a whole new awesome brand. I'm also not on a contract or anything like that, it was an honest gift and this is my honest opinion of the clothes! I'm just really thankful & lucky I'm getting sent free beautiful clothes, ahhhh... But I'm not the only one who will benefit. C&B was kind enough to extend the present to yoooou!! All my readers get an exclusive discount code of 20% off if you use the promo code SIDEARASPECIAL at check out. Its only valid until 1/15/12 so use it while you can!! The high quality of clothes makes their standing price make sense, so the 20% is a great deal.
Here I'm wearing my JC Warnings, and out of the C&B I've got on the Granite Whitney Dolman top (thats the brown pull-over... Its seriously so soft its like its not even real. The clothes are top - quality making me feel extra comfy and glamz) and the Stars & Stripes Audra tank. I'm not the biggest fan of graphics on clothes which is definitely part of the C&B brand, but they have pretty extreme variety and quite a lot of gems with & without graphics. The Stars & Stripes Audra is a pretty cool print. Plus the arm holes were extremely deep, reminiscent of Brian Lichtenberg tanks (and unreleased NIN3 tanks!), a plus for me. Click through to the look to get the specific links for each item.

Its not noticeable in most of the photos, but the pullover is super transparent, which is why I paired it with the graphic tank.

Anyways I'll be posting on the other shirt they sent me too, it's super cute and has a collar so I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot. 

I also went to a Brian Lichtenberg  sample sale recently and - I just don't even know what to say. I haven't posted about it yet because I'm still shocked about what happened. I'm pretty obsessed with the brand and designs and the sample sale deals are just... explosive. More on that soon.

Spider shoot this morning!
Happy Holidays!

p.s. Duh, I'll help you find all of this stuff!
(and remember the promocode is SIDEARASPECIAL)

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