Saturday, December 24, 2011

Keep Busy

The Strings:
Your spirit doesnt end at your fingertips ... You have a lasting impact on everyone you meet

This is Francis, my dad's friend, she's super awesome and was down to do anything. I'm probably going to shoot her again at some point. Speaking of shoots coming up, I am hopefully hopefully shooting my friend Charles in studio with a domesticated tarantula tomorrow morning! 

Me & Laura have been planning on having a river shoot for months and finally decided on the location! Unfortunately we didn't anticipate the water being ice cold, which it was, so the shoot couldn't last very long for obvious reasons. Obviously though, Laura handled it like a champ. Seriously though, if she was on Americas Next Top Mod she would wiiin!

We're planning on reshooting that soon also, I had some other watery ideas I still need to accomplish. Applying to schools is hard, when drawing is a requirement, and I really lack talent in that department... I mean I can make a pretty mean doodle, but when it comes to drawing realistically it is a chaaalllenge. Which I'll of course have to conquer going into design, but isn't that what school is for?? Hopefully they will be impressed by Devon and my NIN3 collection, I was really hoping we'd have our production finalized by now and have the shop up but at least they'll see we're on our way there. We're meeting with some people soon who will help us through the difficult steps so we can try as hard as we can to avoid mistakes. When you start a business, its basically a black hole for money for a while until you get on your feet. We're basically putting our shoes on right now preparing to stand up..

Yuri from Lookbook also sent me these deeeeelicious chocolate covered strawberries, which was an extreme pick me up amidst this bad time. I really feel super special to receive these, and I'm going to figure out something to send back!! has opened so many doors for me!

Happy Holidays  everyone!



  1. wow, i really wish all the very best of luck with your collection! it's so great that you have people to help you, i know exactly how hard it is. I own and operate a pyjama label i started when i was 12 (i'm 16 now) and i'm also in the process of starting a tee shirt label for guys. It's a lot of work but hopefully everything will be worth it! i'd love to do clothes but that's on hold for the moment, so I wish every success upon your clothing! have a lovely day & christmas! xx

  2. @thanks a bunch!! thats insane, 12?? you must be very smart and talented!! happy holidays to you too :)