Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When are you going to admit you're spreading yourself too thin?

When am I going to admit I'm spreading myself too thin? Never, because I gotta lotta jelly to spread over this toast of a world. 

So the days in LA resulted in no word on representation and a car crash, I'm okay, everyones okay, shit happens. Anyways theres still much hope for me and getting an agent and acting, so try, try, and try again I will, and until I get that sweet first job and SAG eligibility I will embrace the rejection. Because if you cant learn how to embrace rejection, you will never get what you want. How good can it be if you can get it on the first try? 

Tis the season to be jolly, happy holidays or happy atheism, whatever you want man I dont really give a wwwhatwhat

What I do give a fuck about is my week in Israel, it was positively amazing and so much fun. You have no idea what it felt like to see Lee. The moment I recognized her in the airport (she surprised me!) I burst out in tears. This is a girl I've seen nearly every day of my life for 13 years that has moved to Israel. I go months without seeing her now. We talk constantly but that doesnt change how hard it is. The best way I think I could describe our relationship is that we are legitimately soul mates, except that we're both straight. Being separated from your soul mate after you've found them is unexplainably hard.

A week in Israel was definitely not enough time at all, but I'm thankful for it nonetheless. It was an amazing experience and I'm so lucky to have opportunities like that. I dont know what I would do without it.

Recently Devon & I worked really hard on a mini campaign for NIN3 called NEGATIVES, and I'd love love love if you guys checked it out! Also NIN3 got a tumblr so there's easy access to the photos that made and didnt make it to the blog. Here's the link to both of those!

Quote of the week is "May my enemies live long, so they can see me progress". 

Not that I have a lot of enemies, but you cant deny the empowering-power of that quote. Anyone who has wronged you, who you gave time while they didnt deserve it, anyone who told you that you couldn't make it - stray from them. Know your worth, and that you're worth a lot. Dont forget it and dont let anyone bring you down. Don't waste your time trying to get back at people, either. Concentrating on yourself and succeeding is the best revenge you can give.

Dont ever give up bitches!



  1. Now, this might sound crazy, but just a moment ago, i had literally one of the most intense moments of my life.. Literally I just was staring at myself in the mirror, but it was for the longest time, looking into my eyes, but they didn't feel like my own; Like I didn't recognize who I really was and what I've been doing. This post brought up my spirits because I realized really what I've been doing just recently is I've been hanging out with some people who just positively put a damper on my usually optimistic mood. I'm wasting my time with these people. thank you for this post. Sry for the babble.

  2. @emilia54 im so glad i could help bring you to a realization like that, hanging out with negative people will always bring you down. Its important to realize when the people around you are sometimes the only source of unhappiness. And feel free to babble haha

  3. Wow, that blonde, fluro tipped hair is really neat! I have brown hair, bleached the tips and dyed them blue, but when that washed out I ended up with brown and bleached hair, so I dyed it all red and now I have little spunky bright bits. How did you get your hair like that?

  4. Your hair is the greatest thing I have seen all week.