Friday, January 20, 2012

can't shake me off

I know, I know... I disappeared again. I dont have much of an explanation besides that when I post on here I'm forced to think about myself and it's something I didnt want to do. Everyone gets insecure and has their ups and down, I'm not excluded from that. I am a teenage girl, after all. But I've taken that time away from myself to direct my attention to the brand, which is great for me since our whole message behind it is to love yourself. We've come up with a lot of new designs and I shot our valentine day lookbook, which was soo much fun and I cant wait to post all of the photos up!!

Meanwhile me and Dev had a shoot & a picnic which was great fun and mucho relaxing.

 First we went to Lotus Cafe, a delicious vegan place here, and got soup and bread. We hiked up (yes, in our ridiculous heels) and ate it all and it was grrrreat. The rainbow bag on the left is mine! Its new and it was only $7! Yess..
"Whatever Mom" is one of the new designs :) Definitely a favorite of ours!
So I'm going to try to update way more frequently and keep my head up!! It's important to walk in the sunlight and not pay attention to the shadows, they'll always be there but there's no point in dwelling in them. 

more soon!!



  1. your beautiful outlook on life inspires me so much

  2. Oh, you hit the nail on the head with that last sentence. I love that you hiked in platforms! And that "money" t shirt may be the best I ever did see. You're amazing. Don't ever forget it!xo

  3. I love your blog! I used to follow you on piczo and I follow you now on tumblr, you're the coolest! <3