Monday, January 23, 2012

phunky phresh

I'm starting to be more inspired again, I was watching this video with Allie and Jason
And I started to see dresses, and its all so amazing and beautiful and unreal. Then me and Jason went to the aquarium and I got another great dose of it
I would love to do a deep sea inspired collection.

Today, I went up to LA with my friend Sammy for this lovelyy event:

I am guilty of obsession with sample sales, I cant help it, and they're always just soo, soo good.
Kluer was a nail painting place right next to all the booths so I made an appointment and got a set! This is me just munching into my savings until its literally all gone... I really wanted the nails at the top but they were more expensive!! I just let her freestyle on most of them
This booth had gasoline glamour jewelry, I was so excited to see the deals because I've obsessed over them before but in a distanced way because theyre so expensive. So I bought some of their cheaper stuff and I'm so excited to wear it :) You definitely havvve to check them out, theyre explosive and highly flammable.

from top to bottom:
top from free people
Tupac LA shirt from Los Angeles?
Brian, Brian,Brian Lichtenberg!
and the jewelry at the bottom is by Gasoline Glamour and this really cute girl who really unfortunately I forgot the name of also! Ah!

Anyways it was loads of fun! I'll be in LA a lot this week again for acting things!



  1. If i live in america, i would go shopping with you! ;)
    Love all the things that you bought!
    have a nice day!! <3

  2. Great photography and a very inspiring post!

  3. @littlemisspipedream im glad you like em thanks :)
    @manx oh yay thank you!

  4. Hey Girl!! I want to tell you that I love the nails! I've put them on my blog! Hope you don't mind?! I linked to your blog of course! ;) xx from Holland! You go girl!