Thursday, January 26, 2012

I need another job

I got some packages in the mail and they were clooothes!  I never order anything from the internet and I went on a spree of cute cheap things and it was the best. I'll take better pictures later and share them all again :) Broke broke broke need a job cause I'm broke

THESE fancy string fun things are from AMY CAKES DANKY DANK @ Shes pretty fucking cool and went to my highschool, buy her stuff! 

Sweater from! My necklace is by Gasoline Glamour.

$3 on Amazon, adding to my holographic glasses collection *O*

Necklace by Gasoline Glamour
The pants are NIN3 :) The blazer is obviously uncontrollable and is a hand-me-down from my mom. My shirt says "RIP YSL" in the YSL style and its by Brian Lichtenberg.

Tomorrow I'm going up to LA for a huge agent/manager showcase thing, basically you preform infront of them and then they call you. It's my first one without my friend Serenity, usually I do a scene with her, so I'm nervous but its a good step for me. I just need to do as many as I can so people can see me and I feel more comfortable every time.

My efforts to be more positive are definitely working. Procrastination is still a huge issue but I'm working on that too. I should probably get to bed, that was another resolution that got badly neglected.


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