Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Pants- Tripp from Trash & Vaudeville
Boots- Gogo thrifted boots DIY spray painted silver

Allie's shoes are Unif

Leggings- Black Milk

For more photos, check out Http://reblogNIN3.tumblr.com and Http://NIN3girls.blogspot.com :)

I'm getting my headshots redone tomorrow, hopefully they turn out well!! I've been wrestling for months  about my stagename, on my last headshots I just went by Sideara because I really couldnt think of a last name (mines too complicated and thats not good in this profession). After much parental consultation and help from my acting coach & friends, I have finally been dubbed Sideara St. Claire. So that's my name, pretty random cause I'm Jewish, but thats my dads fault - I asked for family names and he threw out a bunch of fake ones and the decision was made before I knew they were fake. Should've seen that coming, Saint last names dont really make sense from a Jewish family hahaha. But thats okay, I'm a Jew with a Christian last name and it sounds pretty so I dont mind. Yay Jesus! Yay decisions!

Have a nice week guys!! <3



  1. love it all!


  2. U are amazing! LOVE your sweater and your awesome hair! *-*


  3. hah! you have such a lovely sense of humour AND gorgeous style. You are so talented in general...I'm a huge fan and have been for a long time!

    xx liz


  4. Aww thanks so much Liz!! Your All I want is spring post is soo cute :3

  5. love your blog and love those black milk leggings!!!

  6. Amazing style and love your recommendations.Though I confess, I do wish that first dress would work a little better for those of us with curves.I like to arrange in pairs with maxi dress open back.I thought you can try it.