Thursday, February 23, 2012

New NIN3 designs

I'm not dead! Just been going up to LA a lot. The BOW DOWN & MEOW shirt is NIN3! :)
 Hand thingy is a fake of Delfina Delettrez from ebay, I got one of the broken fakes too so it was even cheaper and I just had to glue it! So great! Although its held together by elastic string, which never ends well with frequent use.
 Jeffrey Campbell
 shirt- thrifted, slime maxi skirt is by NIN3! Its seriously that neon!
 recent nail escapades coincidentally matching recent eye escapades

 This was the valentine's day lookbook I shot for NIN3! This shoot was really fun because we were lucky enough to be at such an awesome house, thanks to our friend Maddy. We still have a lot of work to do before we're ready for the launch, but it's on its way and im so sooOo so excited.

I'm trying to think of any updates I have with my life... But besides working a 12 hour shift at the flower shop on v-day (whew!) I got nothing! I'm gonna buy a lot of stuff so when it comes in the mail I'll do a post! Etsy takes forever though..

:) XXX


  1. Gorgeous designs :-) can't wait until your line is famous and readily available to buy from ;-)

    X Liz

  2. great post! i love your stuff and that lookbook is amazing! can't wait to see more :)