Saturday, March 24, 2012


Sorry I haven't updated in ages and ages, I finally got a job and I need to save up to buy a new lens because I broke the one I use most in Israel and so my only lens is really expensive and it takes more time to take a photo so its not great to bring around a lot. I've been taking around disposables soon so if I get some interesting photos from that I'll post em up. Anyways! I cant believe I havent put up these photos before, or did I?? This is a sample sale for Brian Lichtenberg and some other lables~ at Spellbound Sky studio. It was great, I bought a lot of course.. By some miracle I still have enough money left to try to get a coachella ticket so I'm going to make that happen! Here are the photos there and around LA
BL beauties
Got a paycheck and spent some of it on etsy goodies, I'm currently obsessed with that website check it out:
I cant resist a hologram of any form
The little yellow heart earrings came free! :)
Hope you found the photos fun to look at, more soon I promise ;) xxxxxxxxx


  1. love all the photos, very interesting! all of the shoes are incredible and the BL sample sale looked amazing, very jealous!


  2. omg! so cute!

  3. i love etsy too. i always buy myself goodies there when i have extra cash. i also have a shop :)