Friday, April 6, 2012

Successful trips to LA

 klo hunting.. just kidding, hehe
cute lil' baby.

Anyways, this post is called successful LA trips for a reason, one of them being a grrrreat sample sale I went to with Allie and Aimie! Check it out, it was on the corner of 9th street of course :) I found out about it from Unif's instagram, they were selling there.

 Lots of amaaazing booths.
 This amazing art is by Suggie, a girl I met at a sample sale when she was interning for Brian Lichtenberg. Check it out at Http:// . Its really amazing stuff
 It was so busy and fast! Heres what we got away with:
 Allie's pile
 Aimie's pile (both 100% Unif gold!)
 My pile! The shorts are Unif and the phone case is Dali ;)
I also got this split mesh dress that reminds me of black tulips!
These are recent photos I've taken at the beach,  I dont know what happened to the last one, blogger errored and I think its cool so I dont want to reupload it . Weird computer image! All the OG's are on though.

So, best for last, amongst my many trips to LA for workshops I went to an audition for a webshow and I got it!!! My first audition (where I was speaking at least haha) and I got it!! So I'll post the link up when that's up, I dont really know when I'll get more information but there's a really good director and producer on board so I'm excited. It's a good first project. My name is Glinda Adams and I'm an emo schoolgirl hahaha. So it's great :) Only issue is that shooting might overlap with Coachella which would be so heartbreaking but I could sell my ticket to Jason but still. :'''''( Maybe not though! But probably. Anyways, mostly yay!!!!! Except... missing Radiohead. and so much other good shit. But. Shut up. Coachella is overrated. Cant wait!


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  1. great finds! love those shorts! i got an awesome lace up one teaspoon jacket that i've yet to wear...