Wednesday, April 18, 2012

getting back on track

Im sucking at blogging but Im loving life so its okay.. Ill try to get more regular again. This is gonna be jam packed because its overdue!

Jasons been trying his hand at photography (is that the phrase?) and succeeding, I got to be in his most recent shoot which is exciting because I love everything he does.

Theres no specific idea or message behind the shoot but the point is to make your own.
Recognize the shorts and from the unif sale? The top is from there too but it was an un named company. And the shoes are J-camb but theyre fakes of salvatore ferragamo so it doesnt count. 

Anyways ya jjs amazing check out some more of his art!
( pencil :o )
yeah he sucks. 
I realized I havent been taking photos, ever, so yesterday I had an unplanned shoot (which just never turns out as good as the planned ones) with Mimi and Alana. It was really fun. I miss taking photos, I really need to buy a fucking lens. Bad news on the money front though. I cant talk about it cause then I cant stop thinking about buying guns but basically fake coachella I'm out $400 and didnt even get to go. So back to saving up for a lens. 
Did make money off of the webisode thought! It shot last week and I just stayed up in LA couch hopping all week. Im basically on a continuous lifegasm lately I cant even explain. I'm so happy. Everyone working on the project was so nice and I even liked my character, she was the 'emo' outcast (although my makeup was bright and really gnarly haha) and she was super sassy. It was my first project on video since I was like 7 and Im like starstruck and scared out of my mind the whole time but in the best way ever haha. The best part was that when I got into it I wasnt scared at all, it was just fun. It's going to be on youtube on a channel called Awesomeness TV which isnt out yet, but you can follow em on twitter! Its supposed to be out this summer.

Then I made a really hard decision about next year - that I'm not going to go to Parsons (Pratt's out of the photo) for at least another year but instead move to LA - to pursue acting. Its been my dream and what I've done the majority of my life. I stopped pursuing it in highschool, which is when I picked up my interest in clothes and design and worked on photography. But now that I'm doing all 3 its still clear to me which one is my OG passion. And Im not ready to force it to take the back seat yet.. So.. Yeah LA here i fucking come!

More soon, NIN3 is coming along xxx


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