Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Im feeling excited, refreshed, and happy to move!! There are so many exciting things waiting for me in LA, I want to force myself to step out of my comfort zone repeatedly until it expands! And soon Ill be doing crazy things all the time and I'm sure Ill change a lot n all that good shit.
Its always going to end with remembering that you are the only person you have to please. If you're not satisfied with yourself you're leaving space for improvement, you feel the void in places you should be exceeding and can with time. Why not use energy to focus on those things, instead of wasting time in the affairs of others and their opinions. "Worry is the misuse of creative energy". It also helps me to remember that love should be behind every action, your intention should always derive from love.

:) (: :) (: :) (: :) (:


  1. have a great time in LA! :)
    btw.: these nearly underwater photos are amazing :)