Saturday, June 16, 2012


There's so many cute new photos on NIN3 girls and the 9 tumblr I hope you check them out!! Cute little pool photos and such.

Here's a small dose of my recent flickr inspirations ~

I respect & love these artists so I would deeply appreciate that if you do decide to repost these you attach the credit to their flickr and not my blog. Thanks!!

It is a day to day accumulation of small decisions and moments of self control within your thoughts that will help achieve goals of self acceptance. It's hard to let go of insecurities because even though they are filled with hate and negativity, after hurdles are jumped over and obstacles cleared it is still hard to let go of things that you may feel have become a part of you. Keeping busy is vital, what you do is where your worth is and there are always things to be done. Cycles are easy to create, why not make nice ones?


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