Monday, June 4, 2012


The thought of moving is driving me mad with anticipation, but Dev & I had a business meeting today with some advisers and they said that it will be best if we do the production in San Diego... I can't tell if they think that because they think NIN3 will do best under their guidance with the people they know for production and everything, and I think maybe in my heart I know thats true, but I cant quiet my urge to move. I need to get out of San Diego and LA has the internship and the closeness to acting and just reeks of all my dreams, including NIN3.. I thought the sooner I moved up there the sooner 9 will take off, but if doing production in SD is going to make a huge difference, its something to think about.. I just dont know enough yet. But I want to move so this news sucks.

Before I move I am also working on shooting every last idea that I've been hoarding from the last few months, and use every SD model I can.. So here's my shoot this week with Quinn Mohr!
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  1. sideara, these photos are amazing! good luck with the moving/nin3 complication, i'm sure everything will work out. you have such a determined and strong wiled personality, you'll make it work.

  2. omg - these photos are sooo freaking awesome <3

  3. This photoshoot is absolutely amazing! Looks like something you'd see in a fashion magazine! Very high end editorial. Love! xo