Sunday, June 3, 2012


So, as I'm in the process of moving I've been cleaning my room.

If youve seen any photos of my room - you know. Theres just so much shit to go through.. But it's fun, lots of memories and all that. Lots of donating going on which feels good too. The best part about moving is getting to chose what to take with me, and I want to keep everything very minimal and simple, which will be a huge challenge for me.

Devon's always a great inspiration for neatness and organization, so I took some photos of her room a couple weeks ago to meditate on. Her room is even cleaner now, so beautiful, so try and imagine that..

Bathe in the glory!
I should buy some frames, I have so many good photos that I can pin up all over the walls! I hope its unfurnished, with white walls and sunlight! Thats the dream!