Sunday, July 22, 2012

And Im feeeeelin good

Sorry Ive been a little absent, I'm spending lots of time with NIN3 and of course moving to LA!!  My first few days here have been amazing, first I went to the Chuck Palahniuk Invisible Monsters Remix book tour with Jason, then the Rookie Road Trip with Ardorous which was spectacular. Enjoy!
 Jason is perfectly creepy and stole the water bottle HE DRANK OUT OF that he left on stage, we have of course both drinken out of it and now I have magic powers that I did not have before. It felt great
 The installation provides endless inspiration, pick it up!
 Arvida Bystrom (fav)
 These candles were $15 but I am definitely going to DIY my own with my friends faces for my angels :)
 I really need to buy a new lens so I can zoom out haha but this was a beautiful flower vag by the lovely Petra Collins who I am determined to meet this week
 Look at all the lovely people!! I got some numbers for LA model contacts :) Going to keep myself busy!
 TAVI!!! AHH she is amazing
 Glitter deverywhere
 Kleur Kleur'ing