Saturday, November 17, 2012


Piczo is shutting down, the website that got me hooked on this blogging shit.. And I know I've never been the most consistent but hey I'm genuine and that counts for something right?

Anyways in light of Piczo shutting down I went through my old posts saving some old photos (granted I did this at 4 in the morning the other week) anyways, it surprised me how much I've changed and reminded me of things I miss dearly... like my rings fffffkck and bracelets which have all been lost... hahah.. so here's some ring envy intermixed with some ol' photos of yours truly.

 those shoes just disappeared after a day of exploring one day. Im not kidding. They were outside of my house, muddy, and I went to go clean them and they were just gone. Just gone. I miss you babies. Come home.
Yeah its who you think it is. Yeah its for rl.
 I miss that John Lennon shirt. Whered you run off to?
 Remember the days, dev?
 Bunny ring broke. Still got the pieces, never found glue good enough. Have two of the bracelets still, the rest wre lost. Lost all the rest of the rings. Working on rebuilding the collection. Slow process.
 Oh my god that ring on the left is in the pocket of a backpack of mine and I actually need it, it has some sentimental value. Thumb ring on the right hasnt left my thumb, awesome. The others? RIP.
What a nice time my fingers were having. I still feel naked and weird on my fingers. I keep buying rings but they keep breaking. Its hard to spend money if I think I'll lose it. Solution? Systems. Working on systems.
 Where'd my ginghers go? Gotta get new ones. Why do I lose so much shit?!?!?!
 I STILL OWN EVERYTHING IN THIS PHOTO. Nope wait, Lost the belt. Damn, I loved that belt.
 FUCK I MISS THAT SHIRT. It was Aimie's though. I wonder if she even wears it? Give it back dude
 Did I lose that creepy stare? Or do I still got it?
Hope you enjoyed the throwback. This has inspired me to get back on doing shitty photobooth photo posts. Right now I'm in NY..... Working on those systems.

Systems. Organizational systems.




  1. Dude, I feel ya. I'm trying to get my ring collection back up to what it was. My fingers have been much too exposed. Especially my thumbs.
    But you should definitely continue doing more "crappy" photobooth pictures. I love 'em. Shows us even more that you're a REAL person. It's awesome.