Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So I was sick for a bit of the trip to NY which definitely cut into a lot of what I wanted to get done, but I did get to meet up with Kimi from who has become a good friend of mine and we went shopping around, took some photos, talked and had fun ET CETERA ET CETERA. Check out these snaps we took amidst our explorations.
Yeah these babies are pretty worn, which Im totally okay with. I fucking walked all around Europe in these! And everywhere, for that matter. They're my hooves. I go up mountains in these. No joke.
Ring from search & destroy, fucker broke a day later and I couldnt go back. God doesnt want me to have rings. BUT I WILL DEFY. Working on it. Ebay and shit.
Jacket- Search & Destroy
Everything else is thrifted, two skirts layered, tied up half transparent long sleeve T, the shoes J.camb you know
Yeah its fucking wild ahgighlfhgh
And here, due to the throwback, is my first photobooth outfit post in forever.  Today I'll be shooting Uchenna again and I'm excited. Hoping the concept plays out super well because if it doesn't Im going to have to attempt #2 after Thanksgiving. Which I'll be going back to SD for! To see family and friends.
Jacket- traded with Anja ages ago, she got it from a thrift store
Shirt- I dont know. Just a black T
belt- either was my moms or was thrifted
Earrings- thrifted <3 <3

more soon!

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