Monday, December 24, 2012

kimi kimi kimi & 9

Have you been checking up on the NIN3 blog? That's where my blogging focus has been recently, as its obviously been misdirected a bit :) I'm working on balance. As I get myself together, enjoy these long overdue photos by Kimi Selfridge from ! I love her so much, & she completely directed all of these shots with styling and makeup.

Lately I've been working on finding models for NIN3 and shooting them while also having family time and seeing my friends that are in town. Its good to keep crazy but I do wish that San Diego and LA had a little portal just for me so that it wasn't always a 2 hour car ride, although I do enjoy the drive most of the time honestly. It's nice, mostly when its raining, to have absolutely no obligations besides moving forward and jamming to Beyonce or Portishead or Amy W.

Ive also been thinking that I really need to practice modeling more because I dont feel completely confident infront of a camera and with acting and everything else that I do the situation arises and I want to feel ready for anything... So I'm working on teaming up with people to shoot & learn. But its at the bottom of my to do list. Right now getting the next batch of clothes up in the NIN3 shop is at the top.

More soon!

P.s. Here are some photos of Makaela M from my most recent 9 shoot.



  1. Aaahh love all the photographs this post, I know I'm late on this but merry christmas!! xx