Tuesday, December 18, 2012

☟☟☟ Nylon, Runaways, & NIN3

I would post some photobooth photos or some of the recent shoots from NIN3 but I'm ridiculous and drove all the way to San Diego to use the perfect out of this world washing machine that resides at my old home to get all my laundry and blankets and pillows fresh and clean. So since I dont have much to update you with being that I'm on a borrowed computer, and I feel terribly guilty for not posting, here's a ridiculous behind the scene's video from Runaways, which I'm so stoked to have been a part of and from the NIN3 shoot with Jessi Jae Joplin and Madeline Pendleton!

They're the best that was such a good day. Im so lucky to have met so many genuine people in LA. I dont know how I just find the best people everywhere, it's kind of the best.

I was also just featured on Nylon's blog here, which I found pretty exciting just cause I love em so much :) Thanks a bunch to Nini for sending me the link ♡

More soon! Promise!


  1. hi sideara!
    so happy you could use the link i sent you for your newest post! so excited for more!
    xx nini