Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recent photoventularalgarinets

Alexis M.
wearing NIN3
styling by this bitch
photos by this bitch
this bitch being me
Usually I dont like to post whats going on the NIN3 Girls blog on here before it goes up on there but I cant wait! I really like these. 

I also recently took photos of Uchenna for the blog also :


  1. hey sideara!! your in the NYLON magazine online! i post you the link. you should check it out your look has got awesome credits! ;)

    greetings! xx

    1. aww youre the best thanks so much for sending me that !! i remember them taking that photo but didnt know if theyd ever put it up!! thanks :)

  2. just have found it on the facebook home page. i scrolled and scrolled and usually i do not look at every single post of NYLON but then i scrolled and just recognized a blond girl and thought "wait. she had exactly the same look as sideara.. wait.." so i scrolled up and was pretty excited for you that they put you on the blog ;D