Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Havent done this in a while...

Flickr insp!
Here are my recent favorites from my contacts on flickr. I hope they are able to inspire you a bit, at least get you thinking about something you may not have prior...
Amazing collages by owlwise12
I have been following Aëla Labbé's work for a while now, I have no idea how she does it, I would love to work with her in any way one day.. Just to see her process. So talented
The vibe of this sasa stucin photo reminds me of saga sig, one of my all time favorite photographers. sasa's work runs on some great out of place vibes.

The make up and these pony dream photos thrill me. Her work is awesome

Hope you are all keeping warm and have enjoyed this dosage of pretty. Back to preparation for me! Sometimes, when you want something so bad, you have to realize there's no room for doubt. Doubting can come later, when you have already tried 400 more times and have not succeeded. Until then, you will succeed. You already have. Im talking in cryptics here, I know, but I need it