Thursday, May 2, 2013


Shoes - J. Camb
Jacket - Thrifted
Hat - A New York hat store
Bag - Wasteland
Sunglasses - Little Tokyo
Jessi and I took a trip to the beach to float around I realized I like salty air and thats about it for the beach and I. I can do it at night but during the day I can't be on such an inescapably sunny uneven surface. I have sore calves from running in the sand... we didn't do a lot of running, I just really need to work out. I do APPRECIATE the beach though and realize it is a vast mysterious beautiful fun zone. I just dont want to step into its icy depths.
Damn, you need to break out a dictionary for this post.
Anyways, I created an ask fm account the other day needing a distraction from a stomach ache and it made me think about how weird we all truly are, and how we get curious about such strange things, but most people hide it. Given a chance to express it anonymously, no one hesitates to let it out. Usually it saddens me to imagine people hiding but I got some fucked up weird questions. I guess we're all a bit fucked up and weird.
Feel free to ask me something, but ask yourself why you are asking it first, maybe. ☞