Saturday, August 31, 2013

Could someone please buy me all of this?

King Sophie's World shop is the fucking shit. I am completely inspired to start working with sequins and I need to act on that before the urge leaves me because I'm not gonna live life like that bullshit anymore. Whoever's reading this - you too, - if you have an urge to do some shit just go do it don't make a plan to because you're just going to get over it before you get started. Anyways.
Discount Universe is The Fucking Greatest, unfortunately their shop doesn't have too much I'm insanely crazy about but I am insanely crazy about them in general, both the creators are fucking genius and make wonderful outer planetary dreamy gorgeous shit balls. 
Always Meat, never enough Meat
Anything Daniel Palillo.

I can't believe so much has happened and its all been this month. August.
Well, August is over now and I bought myself flowers and I'm alive and a human with emotions and I'm really grateful for that. Whatever you're dealing with, remember that there is no good without bad. You'll never truly appreciate solid ground until you've clawed your way out of a hole, so anytime you feel like shit remember that you're just paving your own way for happiness. Does that make any sense?

All I know is that I still can't stand the thought of wasted time and I feel that I've done that too much with this year. Sure things have gotten done but everything could always be so much more and I know that. So I've got to get off the computer now and practice for an audition and after that I think I'm driving to San Diego. I'll be back on Monday for work


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