Sunday, September 8, 2013


all photos are by
and shes really talented!! 

Im, a year later, decorating my apartment, and Im starting to really really like it. So I'll actually post photos of it soon. I never did cause its so boring (my fault, its a great apt) and I didn't spend any time on it but now I am and it's getting cute and I'm feeling a lot better!!



  1. Not that I don't love you with bangs, but I think you would look killer with your bangs grown out. The third-to-last photo made me think so.

    1. Ive grown them out before and it was so fun and awesome but acting is my main priority and all my headshots and stuff are with these bangs so I dont have the freedom to change my look a lot :( I want to go platinum so bad and keep experimenting with colors on the tips but SOMETIMES DREAMS MEAN SACRIFICE~*~*~**~ Thank you though