Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chronologically Chromatic

Top- thrifted by devon then she gave to me and i cut the sleeves off and now she always tries to claim she didn't give it to me but she did and its mine
belt- thrifted
shorts- unif sale, im finally wearing them!
Im wearing those black basically flat shoes I keep wearing
Small black rectangles under my eyes 

Life is tragic, but any obstacle you face, you will overcome, and with pain comes growth. 
I was talking with Nicole when we did this shoot for NIN3 when she brought up the pain/growth point and I really liked it. 
And I really like flowers and I keep getting them even though I should just pick them.
And all I want to do is buy makeup and shoes and clothes and sew sequins on stuff.
And Im going to breakfast with my mom now even though I feel sorta sick.

Bye love u ttyl


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