Saturday, November 29, 2014

What's blogging? I'm back, OK

I'm not even going to explain why I've fallen off the wagon with blogging because it doesn't matter much and really, who's still reading this anyways? Ha ha. Lately I've been doing all the same, acting, NIN3, but now music as well :) My managers are helping me get my shit together to pitch me to some new agencies. Mine is cool but ... We can still look around, right? ;) And I can't wait until I can share the music with the internet. But it's so vulnerable and special to me, I really need to make sure it's presented correctly. Here's my new reel, my music is very different from what's in Pop Star High but this was still one of the greatest experiences for me, giving me enough confidence to really go forth and pursue my personal projects, and working with Avishay Goren, who I do really fun commercial stuff with and am learning so much from.
I'm really trying to be more productive but keep hitting this energy wall, or lack of energy wall I guess, so I'm hoping getting back into blogging will help me keep myself accountable. I certainly have enough to share :) 

More soon. I promise this time. 


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  1. I'm still reading! I check up on your blog every so often and get caught up. How I always do with those I follow. I'm sure there are many others reading, just not commenting. Keep up the good work! Looks like you're accomplishing everything you could've dreamed.