Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catching up on H-weeno

Me & the babes Kiani, Kelsey, Rio, & Madeline
Jessi & I munchin on a crunch @ the Glitter Death x Nikki Lipstick party
I'm a fork and Madeline is the girl from Doom Generation!! Ugh I love her so much
Later I went to some after party somewhere (photos by Jawny) & here I am with Ggeisha, Josephine, & Pow
I love this woman so much... So driven, intelligent, fun, and caring. ALL MY LOVE TO U GEISHA
Victor & AJ.
I went home early this night ^^^ (night before Halloween) because I knew the next day was going to  be INSANE. And that it was. My friend Max is a facilitator of fun and loaded all of his friends onto one massive party bus, where we planned to attend every party everyone had heard of for the night, all for only a max of 30 MINS! I was most scared of being left behind, but this is a very loving group of people and everyone was accounted for as we left each location. The night was amazing, my favorite Halloween ever, and at separate parties I met a spoon, and a man dressed up as a cook, who also happened to be the voice of Junior on the Cleveland Show and he gave me endless joy by whispering catch phrases in character in my ear. There's a photo of us somewhere. But cellphone photos are much harder to collect than FB photos and I'm just getting back on this blogging horse so W/E
 Best Halloween ever, and much better since Brittany was there too. She was the one I knew best on the bus, a new group of friends for me. Since then we've all become much closer. But more on that later.


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