Sunday, December 7, 2014

You'll never be the girl next door

It can be hard sometimes to be so unmistakably obviously and inherently different. If you’ve known me my whole life you’d know it’s always been this way. You could take away all the clothes the hair and the nails and it would still be there. I’m never going to fit in. It’s my face, it’s my height, it’s everything. And I’m not saying I’m not okay with that, I used to despise it and now I’m very thankful and this is me and I’m so happy, but as a working actress sometimes it can be upsetting to have to know your type and have to know where you stand and how to sell yourself, and I’m so god damn specific and it’s just reminding me of those years I went through before I accepted myself and it’s upsetting me. I will always be the weird girl. It’s just another reason to be endlessly grateful for those in my life who love me for it and I know ultimately this will help my career in some way anyways. But I’ll always be the weird girl.

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