Sunday, May 31, 2015

the FEAR exchange

y'know, today's outfit isn't really an example
but dressing the way I do sometimes, with really short shorts and big shoes or whatever- that stuff is brave . It's not COMFORTABLE a lot of the time dressing like that, but that's what I dress like when I'm alone and that's what I like to see myself look like *sometimes* and I have made a choice to always try my hardest to have the person I am when I am alone and the person I am in public always be the same person. A lot of people are not. And it's not an easy thing to be, because it's not comfortable. I don't at all expect everyone to like the way I look, and I know it is my choice to dress the way I do, but don't be ignorant/oblivious of the daily discomfort I put up with to stay true to myself and how REAL and sometimes SCARY that discomfort is. I think that FEAR is a worthy exchange for staying true to myself, a concept that for me runs deeper and means much more than just the way that I dress.

Food for thought : what aspects of yourself are you fighting through discomfort to keep alive?
What aren't you?
What could you be?
Discomfort is fleeting, but breathing life into the corners of yourself that you're afraid to show will bring you happiness, it'll bring good people into your life,  and most importantly by doing that you will grow. AND THE  BIGGER YOU GET THE MORE YOU CAN REACH, YA KNOW ?


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